Winter 2015 Interview – Heidi Chen (Tea Ave)

Tea Ave

Q1. What is your Name?

Heidi Chen

Q2. What is the name of your blog or organisation?

Tea Ave

Q3. Where are you located in the world?

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Q4. Do you have a favourite Valentine’s Day drink?

Rose Oolong from Tea Ave. It is lovely and perfect for the Valentine’s since it is not only delicious but so pretty to look at too.

Q5. What is your favourite drink during the Winter?

Dong Ding Oolong, in general it has so many flavors in it and its notes vary from cinnamon, roasted nuts, dried fruit, sweet, fruity, peach to plum.

Q6. What is the perfect Winter weekend setting to enjoy the drink?

I would say sit by the fire place with a cozy blanket while catching up some Netflix or reading a good book with a hot cuppa tea.

Q7. What is usually your last drink of the day?

I usually finish my day with a nice straight oolong either LiShan or AliShan because they are very calming and gentle for me to drink while unplug and call it a day.

Q8. If you could go back in time, which famous person would like to have a drink with?

Audrey Hepburn, she is so elegant and stylish. I think it would be super interesting to sit down and have a cup of tea with her to hear her thoughts and comments on our oolongs.

Q9. Where can people find out more about you? and our Facebook page at:

One thought on “Winter 2015 Interview – Heidi Chen (Tea Ave)

  1. SBO
    May 7, 2015 at 2:37 am

    I drink tea every morning.It is one of the best oolong tea in the world.

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