Summer 2014 Interview – Sara (Tea Happiness)

Sara Shacket

Q1. What is your Name?


Q2. Do you represent a business? If yes, what is the name and your role.

Chief Creative Blogger at Tea Happiness

Q3. Where are you located in the world?

Brooklyn, New York

Q4. What is your favourite Summer drink and why?

A tea cocktail made with concentrated black tea, lots of lemon, simple syrup, and gin. You could also use vodka. It’s refreshing, and relaxing. The perfect drink at the end of a long, humid NYC day.

Q5. What is the perfect Summer’s day setting to enjoy the drink?

Out on my patio where the sun is shining through a gentle breeze. It is quiet except for a few chirpy birds. In our small garden I can see the flowers blooming and vegetables growing.

Q6. Is there a right or wrong way to prepare the drink? i.e. Never drink without ice?

There must be lots of strong black tea, and never without gin! Ice is preferable but not required.

Q7. Is the presentation of the drink important? i.e. ceremony, type of glass, setting.

For me, it should be presented after the kids to go sleep. It should be enjoyed quietly, if possible. It can be in a nice glass tumbler, but I’m not picky. The taste is more important than the appearance.

Q8. Is there a Summer’s day drink that you feel is underrated? If so, why?

I adore the ‘half n’ half’ or ‘Arnold Palmer’. Half tea, half lemonade. Perfectly refreshing on a summer’s day. A bit tart, a bit sweet, and of course, a strong bit of tea.

Q9. Where can people find out more about you? i.e. shop address, Twitter username, website url

I always love to meet new people! You can find out more about me:
On my blog:
On Facebook:
on Twitter: @teaHappiness
on Instagram
on google plus:

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