Summer 2014 Interview – Natasha Nesic (The Snooty Tea Blog)

Natasha Nesic

Q1. What is your Name?

Natasha Nesic

Q2. Do you represent a business? If yes, what is the name and your role.

Writer, The Snooty Tea Blog

Q3. Where are you located in the world?

New York, New York–and yes, you can sing the song.

Q4. What is your favourite Summer drink and why?

My favorite summer drink is white tea. Chai Diaries’s Ice Queen is amazing for this time of the year; it’s like a jasmine-y white wine in a tea, and tastes even better done up with ice.

Q5. What is the perfect Summer’s day setting to enjoy the drink?

Out in a park under the sun, with a good book and lots of soft grass to curl your toes in.

Q6. Is there a right or wrong way to prepare the drink? i.e. Never drink without ice?

There’s no right way, since it’s pretty versatile and forgiving. Just keep the water well under boiling. My favorite way of doing this tea is to fill a mug with unheated water and come back to it after half an hour or so. It brings out the quietest flavors that otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to be heard.

Q7. Is the presentation of the drink important? i.e. ceremony, type of glass, setting.

Jasmine is very soothing, so you want to be relaxed while you drink. Now, if you’re already stressed, it’ll help calm you down on its own, but it helps to be in the right frame of mind from the get-go. Else you end up chugging and half-noticing the tea, which defeats the purpose of a special drink, right?

Q8. Is there a Summer’s day drink that you feel is underrated? If so, why?

No one ever does cold raw Pu-Erh, and they should. Right now. Yesterday.

Q9. Where can people find out more about you? i.e. shop address, Twitter username, website url

You can check out The Snooty Tea Blog at, and for the particularly procrastination-prone, I also have a Youtube channel.


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