Summer 2014 Interview – Jaye

Jaye - Cardiff in a Tea Cup

Q1. What is your Name?


Q2. Do you represent a business? If yes, what is the name and your role.


Q3. Where are you located in the world?


Q4. What is your favourite Summer drink and why?

Cold brewed tea. I’ve been experimenting with cold brews a lot recently and my current favourite is an aged 2002 shou mei white tea. Brewing tea cold brings out delicate flavours that may not come out when brewing the tea hot. It is really refreshing on a warm day.

Q5. What is the perfect Summer’s day setting to enjoy the drink?

The perfect setting to enjoy it would be at a relaxing picnic in the park but I drink it just about anywhere!

Q6. Is there a right or wrong way to prepare the drink? i.e. Never drink without ice?

You have to be patient and let the tea infuse for around 5 hours in the fridge. As with brewing tea hot you don’t want it to under or over brew. If you want to serve it with ice I would suggest freezing some of the tea so that it is not diluted.

Q7. Is the presentation of the drink important? i.e. ceremony, type of glass, setting.

With tea in general I do like using the correct teaware to prepare and drink the tea. I’m a lot more relaxed with cold brews.

Q8. Is there a Summer’s day drink that you feel is underrated? If so, why?

Lemonade. I think a homemade lemonade can be something special. You can also make homemade iced tea lemonade. The citrus flavours work well with something like a Ceylon. I plan to do some more experimentation with iced tea lemonade throughout the summer. If I’m pleased with how the experiments go I will post about them on my blog.

Q9. Where can people find out more about you? i.e. shop address, Twitter username, website url

I write a blog about all things tea over at

I tweet as @CardiffTeaCup and you can find me on Facebook (

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