Summer 2014 Interview – Andy Delbridge (The Stable)

The Stable

Q1. What is your Name?

Andy Delbridge

Q2. Do you represent a business? If yes, what is the name and your role.

The Stable

Q3. Where are you located in the world?

South West England

Q4. What is your favourite Summer drink and why?

A cool refreshing glass of Burrow Hill cider. It’s a nice full juice medium dry cider, meaning you can really taste the apples that have gone into making it. Pure juice and delicious!

Q5. What is the perfect Summer’s day setting to enjoy the drink?

Summers day in England, sat with a view of the ocean, like our place by Fistral Beach, or with a beautiful view across rural England. Perhaps an orchard in Somerset!

Q6. Is there a right or wrong way to prepare the drink? i.e. Never drink without ice?

Still cider should be served at room temperature ideally, though anything bottled and carbonated is best served straight from the fridge, Ice is a personal preference really, though may dilute the drink a tad!

Q7. Is the presentation of the drink important? i.e. ceremony, type of glass, setting.

Absolutely! Different cider should be served in different ways- If it’s a champagne style cider, then go with a champagne flute, if it’s a nice pint of scrumpy then half a pint is perfect, and if it’s a cider brandy then a small spirit glass is what you need. Pint glasses are best with cold, lighter ciders.

Q8. Is there a Summer’s day drink that you feel is underrated? If so, why?

Has to be a nice medium dry cider- It’s not always about the sweet stuff!

Q9. Where can people find out more about you? i.e. shop address, Twitter username, website url

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