Spring Interview – Alison Dillon (Cup Above Tea)

Cup Above Tea

Q1. What is your name?

Alison Dillon

Q2. What is the name of your blog or organisation?

Cup Above Tea

Q3. Where are you located in the world?


Q4. What currently is your favourite drink and why?

It’s very hard to go past a signature autumnal hand crafted black tea from Hile in the Eastern Himalayas – at the moment the Golden Hand Rolled Himalayan Tips from Cup Above Tea’s range is drinking exceptionally well. This particular batch was only produced in a minuscule quantity, so I’m trying to save some and not drink it all at once!

Q5. Do you change your drinking habits during Spring?

I’m definitely a seasonal drinker. In the summer (which it currently is right now in Australia) I enjoy a lot of white and green tea, and play around with some iced blacks. In Autumn my oolong consumption ramps up, and I find myself reaching for more roasted green teas. Winter is black, black, black and in Spring I find myself sampling all sorts of incredible new harvest picks.

Q6. Is there a coffee or tea you think others should try?

I’m incredibly passionate about not just single origin and single estate teas, but also single batch production. I always challenge tea drinkers to make sure they know as much about what is in their cup as possible. What garden is it from? What is the terroir like and how is it impacting the flavour? When in the season was it picked? How was it plucked? How was it crafted? Who was involved? How much was produced? To me, if you can find the story behind the tea and the merchant is forthcoming with detailed and transparent information (which is often difficult in a market saturated with mass-produced and ubiquitous tea blends) then you’ll be tasting something worth drinking and appreciating.

Q7. If cost wasn’t a factor, where would you like to be right now enjoying a drink?

I’d like to fly all of the craftspeople who play a role in producing the teas in Cup Above Tea’s signature tea library to Australia and treat them all to tea at the beach!

Q8. Where can people find out more about you?


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