Spring 2015 Interview – Mehmet Emin Akyuz (Chapedia)

Mehmet Emin Akyuz - Spring 2015 Interview

Q1. What is your name?

Mehmet Emin Akyuz

Q2. What is the name of your blog or organisation?


Q3. Where are you located in the world?

Istanbul, Turkey

Q4. What currently is your favourite drink and why?

I’ve found myself recently drinking more teas from Malawi and Nepal. Particularly I’m really impressed with extraordinary teas from Malawi.

Q5. Do you change your drinking habits during Spring?

Not much. Yet I try to drink more green teas in order to keep my body hydrated!

Q6. Is there a coffee or tea you think others should try?

That would be Satemwa Tea Estate Zomba Pearls white tea. It’s one of the best teas I’ve tried recently.

Q7. If cost wasn’t a factor, where would you like to be right now enjoying a drink?

I’ve got many places in my mind. But if I have to choose one that would be Taiwan I guess.

Q8. What do you think should be done to stop people from drinking too much alcohol?

Having them drink a nice cup of high mountain Taiwanese oolong would do the job. 🙂

Q9. Where can people find out more about you?


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