Spring 2015 Interview – Drew Jemmett (Forleaves Tea Company)

Forleaves Tea Company

Q1. What is your name?

Drew Jemmett

Q2. What is the name of your blog or organisation?

Forleaves Tea Company

Q3. Where are you located in the world?

Leicestershire, UK

Q4. What currently is your favourite drink and why?

I’m really enjoying my coffee at the moment, especially drip. It feels like a more rounded brew, I currently have the Finca la Joyeria from PACT coffee it’s from Colombia and has lovely fruity cocoa notes. I don’t drink a lot of coffee as the caffeine gets too much so I have one of these every other day or so. Quality over quantity is our motto here at Forleaves. Tea is always on the menu obviously and my favourite currently would have to be a rather light and lovely Mao Jian green from China. Two completely contrasting drinks but both delicious.

Q5. Do you change your drinking habits during Spring?

I’ m not aware that I consciously change what I drink seasonally. I’m just a whatever you feel like kinda person, whether it’s a hot summers day or in the middle of winter. We tend to eat more seasonally but drinks come and go. If I was to suggest a perfect drink for a spring day I’d have to go for something like a Jasmine infused green tea.

Q6. Is there a coffee or tea you think others should try?

I’d always recommend people try at least once one of the finer teas something like a dancong oolong, gyokoru or a premium grade Sencha. They can be expensive but worth every penny.

Q7. If cost wasn’t a factor, where would you like to be right now enjoying a drink?

Right now! Istanbul in Turkey. Probably because earlier I ate ate at a really amazing Turkish restaurant. Somewhere warm vibrant and full of culture where I could sit in a cafe and watch the world go by with friends and family.

Q8. What do you think should be done to stop people from drinking too much alcohol?

In the UK, provide more places where people can socialise without having to go to a bar or pub. There are more and more tea bars and coffee shops opening now which offer chances for people to socialise after work without drinking alcohol. I think this can only be a good thing. Also encourage people to be more discerning about what they drink, it’s far more enjoyable to spend time getting to know a good quality wine/beer/spirit than just drinking alcohol for the sake of getting drunk. The effects can be far more rewarding and you don’t always get the hangover the next day.

Q9. Where can people find out more about you?

www.forleaves.org | @forleavestea on twitter | forleavestea on facebook, instagram, pinterest

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