Promote a Drink Militia Interview

It makes senses that if you go to the effort of doing a Drink Militia Interview, you should spend a minute or two helping to promote it.

Whether the interview was for fun or on behalf of a business or another type of organisation, you should look to maximise the experience, which will hopefully result in more readers and other benefits.

There are all kinds of ways in which you can promote an interview, whether you are supporting our efforts or taking your own promotional steps. Below are examples of ways in which previous interviewees have got the word out about their interviews.


  • ‘Like’ the interview mentioned on the Drink Militia Facebook page.
  • Comment on the Drink Militia FB page.
  • Share the link with friends and followers via Facebook.
  • Write about an interview on a wall.
  • Pay to ‘boost’ the views of the interview.


  • Create a new pin on your own pinboard.


  • Retweet a Drink Militia tweet.
  • Pin a notice to the top of a Twitter page.
  • Write a fresh tweet and include the #DrinkMilitia hashtag.


  • Write a blog post and link back.
  • Update a ‘guest post’ page.

So there you have, eleven quick and simply ways to help promote a Drink Militia interview.