On this page you currently will find Drink Militia logos to download.


Right-click and download the logo to use in your blog posts, web pages, brochures, press releases and elsewhere. Never ‘hot-link’ to our images, but download and then re-upload to your site.

The images within this page have been resized, but when saved are actually larger and the size in pixels stated below the image.

Drink Militia Logo Drink Militia Summer 2014 Interview Drink Militia Autumn 2014 Interview
Logo 700 x Summer 2014  – 700 x  Autumn 2014 – 700 x
Drink Militia Winter 2015 Interview Drink Militia Spring 2015 Interview  Drink Militia - Chinese New Year
Winter 2015 – 700 x Spring 2015 – 700 x   Chinese New Year – 800 x

Bespoke seasonal logos

If you participated in a past seasonal interview, you can contact the team to request the logo (insignia) with your name below (as used on Twitter).