Autumn 2014 Interview – Lu Ann (The Cup of Life)

The Cup of Life

Q1. What is your Name?

Lu Ann

Q2. What is the name of your blog or organisation?

The Cup of Life

Q3. Where are you located in the world?

Ontario, Canada

Q4. What is your favourite Autumn drink and why?

Masala Chai. It’s the perfect ‘hug in a cup’ tea and that’s exactly what is needed when the weather starts to cool down. I also think it’s a great tea for lattes and infusing in hot chocolate. Mmmm!

Q5. What is the perfect Autumn day setting to enjoy the drink?

If it’s too cold for me to bare going outside, I would say cozy up with a good book by a window that is slightly open for some fresh breeze and watching and hearing the crisp leaves falling.

Q6. What contributes to receiving a high quality drink?

Many factors but I think the most important to me would be the brand. I like to know everything I possibly can about a tea company and what they stand for. From that, I know their love for the beverage and that would mean a lot more than other details.

Q7. What drink do you start your day with and why?

I will typically try to go for a black tea. I will steep it longer than usual because I like the strong and bold taste first thing in the morning.

Q8. Do you order a different drink whilst travelling?

It’s not often that I will order a drink while traveling because I can’t usually find a good on the go type place with high quality tea. I’ll either bring my own or settle for a Tim Horton’s French Vanilla (guilty!).

Q9. Where can people find out more about you?

My tea blog:

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