Autumn 2014 Interview – Lavinia Collins

Lavinia Collins - Autumn 2014 Interview

Q1. What is your Name?

Lavinia Collins

Q2. What is the name of your blog or organisation?

Q3. Where are you located in the world?

London, UK

Q4. What is your favourite Autumn drink and why?

Mulled wine yumyumyumyumyum

Q5. What is the perfect Autumn day setting to enjoy the drink?

In the pub!

Q6. What contributes to receiving a high quality drink?

The way it’s made; it can’t be too weak, or with the wrong spices, or indeed the crazy way my grandad makes it, by just adding schweppes lemonade to red wine – what even is that?

Q7. What drink do you start your day with and why?

Tea! Because England.

Q8. Do you order a different drink whilst travelling?


Q9. Where can people find out more about you?

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