Autumn 2014 Interview – Emma (Fork & Good)

Fork & Good

Q1. What is your Name?


Q2. What is the name of your blog or organisation?

Fork & Good

Q3. Where are you located in the world?

Midlands, England

Q4. What is your favourite Autumn drink and why?

I love mulled stuff. Mulled juices are amazing. I recently made a bloggers’ Apple, pomegranate and blackberry mulled juice and it eased a cold I had. Mulled drinks = Magical. It stops the cold, makes me smile and knocks my socks off. A good mulled cider can make a cold night awesome.

Q5. What is the perfect Autumn day setting to enjoy the drink?

For me it’s one of two ways:

Nice and warm in your house, watching a good film or wrapped up in multiple layers on an Autumn evening, at a fair / event / bonfire / brisk walk (though not too brisk, you don’t want a spillage).

Q6. What contributes to receiving a high quality drink?

I think if it’s home made, or made to order it feels a lot nicer.

Q7. What drink do you start your day with and why?

A very large cup of Mate tea, I can’t drink coffee first thing, so it’s my replacement!

Q8. Do you order a different drink whilst travelling?

No, I’m pretty much open to anything in any region, though if somewhere claims to have ‘the best’ something, I have to try it.

Q9. Where can people find out more about you?

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