Autumn 2014 Interview – Char (Oolong Owl)

Oolong Owl

Q1. What is your Name?


Q2. What is the name of your blog or organisation?

Oolong Owl

Q3. Where are you located in the world?

Long Beach, California

Q4. What is your favourite Autumn drink and why?

My favorite autumn drink is tea of course, I am a tea blogger!

What I like specifically for fall is roasty, rich, nutty and creamy textured teas, like a high oxidized oolong, golden tipped black or shu/ripe pu’er. I also love some sheng/raw pu’er for autumn simply to admire the fall coloured leaves in my gaiwan or tea pot. For tea blends, I love chestnut and chocolate flavored teas. Autumn is my favorite season as well, so I love cuddly, comfort food type teas to cuddle up with.

Previous years I would say my favorite fall teas would also be anything spiced. However, this year felt like the pumpkin spice craze started early. I ate so much spiced things, including pumpkin spiced tortilla chips, that I got pumpkin and chai spiced out very early this year.

Q5. What is the perfect Autumn day setting to enjoy the drink?

I have two perfect autumn settings. The first one would be chilling at home, knitting or crocheting, listening to the rain hitting the windows, while sipping tea from an over sized mug.

The second perfect setting would be out in the rain, decked out in my crazy heart print rain boots, a cozy hoodie, and trusty lavender umbrella. I’d be drinking from a warm feeling tea travel mug of an over steeped ripe pu’er. I love rainy days as they feel like home (Vancouver, Canada). I’m in California now, so rainy days are a treat to me. I even go out for walks in the rain to feel at home again.

Q6. What contributes to receiving a high quality drink?

In general, a high quality tea flavor should be full of life, not stale or artificial. I want my tea to taste like I’m in magical world, not artificial cherry cough syrup land, if that makes sense. As always, a tea needs to be stored well and steeped correctly.

Q7. What drink do you start your day with and why?

I find with these colder months, I have a harder time waking up. I tend to reach for something with more caffeine bang, like a rich black or roasted mate. I also seem to use mornings to drink teas I need to finish off instead of ones I would take time to enjoy. In fact, this morning I was so tired I don’t know what tea I had!

Q8. Do you order a different drink whilst travelling?

I often bring my own teas when I travel and I usually bring more than I need. I want to be sure I have good quality loose leaf tea on hand, with some extras just in case I need to give some away or share.

I also have so much tea at home (almost 400) that I should really bring teas from home than order on the go.

Q9. Where can people find out more about you?

I blog about tea at Oolong Owl – with the help of my cute crocheted Tea Owl interns.

You can also check out my Instagram for more photos of tea, owls and weird food I eat.

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