Autumn 2014 Interview – Candice McCollough (Teas on the Loose)

Teas on the Loose

Q1. What is your Name?

Candice McCollough

Q2. What is the name of your blog or organisation?

Teas on the Loose

Q3. Where are you located in the world?

Atlanta GA

Q4. What is your favourite Autumn drink and why?

OH, my favorite autumn drink is rooibos, steeped with apple cider mulling spices. Rooibos has a smooth taste and deep red color that goes perfectly with other fall flavors like nutmeg and cloves, apples, and sweet potato.

Q5. What is the perfect Autumn day setting to enjoy the drink?

Well, here in the States, the perfect Autumn day is Thanksgiving, chilly outside, warm fire, family, friends, and food inside. Savory smells, people chatting and laughing, pine-garland filling the air with the smells of fall, and of course, a large festive mug of my favorite autumn Rooibos.

Q6. What contributes to receiving a high quality drink?

Tea is no exception to the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’. Price is proportional to quality with tea. Because there is very little automation in the best tea estates, all the tea is picked and processed by hand, making it more expensive. Freshness makes Rooibos better, and a higher quality brand (like us here at Teas on the Loose) will make sure to source fresh teas. Experience is also key, knowing when a tea is done steeping can be the difference between a balanced tea and a bitter one, though Rooibos is a forgiving plant.

Q7. What drink do you start your day with and why?

Lately, eggnog, but my normal drink of choice is a malty Assam black tea with cream and sugar.

Q8. Do you order a different drink whilst travelling?

Oh, I try everything I can when I travel. I was in New York City a week ago, and probably stopped in 15 different coffee and tea cafe’s. I want to try what the locals try, if someone were visiting me in Georgia, I’d certainly want them to try some Peach Iced Tea!

Q9. Where can people find out more about you? is the shop site and blog. is the best way to get in touch with us quickly. We want to start conversations with people about tea! Whether you are a casual tea drinker or a hard-core tea enthusiast, we love talking tea!

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