Drink Militia is a community of people passionate about drinks!

Created to help those in the drinks community. The aim is to help those passionate about their drinks find a voice, by being involved in discussions and providing various ways to promote themselves.

The primary focus is coffee and tea, but it really doesn’t matter as long as it is suitable for as many people as possible around the world. i.e. includes vegetarians etc. So for example if you have a blog all about orange juice, you are welcome to get involved!

Drink Militia should be viewed as a conduit for the beverage community. It definitely isn’t a business only initiative and novices are welcome.

The Drink Militia website itself provides multiple ways in which you can regularly promote yourself. As long as it is drinks related, you can let the community know about blogs, events, new products, recipes and much more. Not forgetting our season interviews!

The Militia is also active on socials networks, especially on Twitter using the #DrinkMilitia hashtag. Just write your drink tweet, and include the hashtag to reach more people!

So what’s the catch? No catch! If you are passionate about a drink like me, then getting involved with Drink Militia is for you.

Now please excuse me, I’m off to make a mug of Assam tea and open a packet of biscuits to dunk!